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Employees of the Year Announced at Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center

BANDON – An Information Systems Analyst and the hospital’s Infection Control/Employee Health Nurse were chosen as Employees of the Year for 2023 by their peers at Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center in Bandon.

Non-clinical Employee of the Year: Chris Cox

Chris Cox, SCHHC’s Non-Clinical Employee of the Year, works in the hospital’s Information Systems Department, helping with IT issues, setting up new users, troubleshooting problems and generally helping keep the hospital’s computer systems running smoothly and safely. He also volunteers to help with whatever is needed in any department, no matter what the request. He’s a huge part of what makes Southern Coos Hospital a great place.

Here’s what some of Cox’s colleagues said about him:
“Chris has one of the strongest work ethics and consistently good nature of anyone I know. He is always willing to assist and does so with efficiency and kindness. On his rare days off, his absence is felt. He is a great collaborator.”
“Chris always has a positive attitude and never makes you feel inadequate for lack of tech knowledge.”
“Chris Cox serves us all so that we can serve each other, and our patients and he does so with a positive attitude and energy every day.”
“Chris is always available to answer any questions or help in any way he can. He is pulled in so many directions, but he provides service with a smile and a friendly attitude.”
“Chris has displayed various SCHHC values throughout the year and always focuses on making us, the employees, successful, and thus we make SCHHC a success.”
“Chris is ALWAYS willing to help! He is very thorough and his trouble shooting skills are excellent! No matter the challenge, Chris will see it through … thank you Chris for all you do!”
“Chris, without fail, is always ready with a helping hand. He is always positive and pleasant, even in times of stress. He is an exceptional representative of high-quality good works, worthy of Employee of the Year!”
“Chris is always super helpful with a great attitude. I can always count on him to get the job done no matter what it is. He is a huge asset to this hospital.”
“Chris is always available to cheerfully help with IS and any other issues that need solutions. He’s a problem-solver and an empathetic listener who makes people feel they are his top priority. Chris’s can-do positive attitude and strong work ethic make Southern Coos Hospital a better place for patients and employees.”

Clinical Employee of the Year: Denise Ebenal

Denise Ebenal, BS, RN, CIC, the hospital’s Certified Infection Control Nurse and Employee Health Nurse, was named Clinical Employee of the Year. Ebenal continually steps up when guidance or hands-on help is needed regarding employee and community vaccinations. She willingly takes on new challenges and volunteers to go above and beyond her duties.

Here’s what Ebenal’s colleagues say about her:
“Denise has been wonderful making sure the volunteers are able to access vaccines in an easy manner”
“Denise is always kind and compassionate with all whom she comes into contact with. She works tirelessly to make sure we are all safe and protected with vaccinations. She really does not get all the accolades that she should get.”
“Denise has helped us all through some very difficult community illnesses in the past and I know she’ll be there to do whatever needs to be done to ensure we at Southern Coos Hospital are all protected from whatever “cooties” may present their ugly heads to us in the future. She’s made a career out of keeping us safe and infection-free. BRAVA Denise, BRAVA!!!”
“I love Denise. She is a hard worker, funny, helpful, thoughtful.”
“Denise definitely deserves to be Employee of the Year. She has kept the entire staff and community well informed of the upcoming vaccine clinics and any date changes, including locations. Denise is committed to her job and the community when it comes to getting the word out when there has been a change with COVID and flu vaccinations. She keeps all the employees and new employees up to date on required vaccines and emails out information so everyone can learn what’s next and why everything is done the way it is. She has a calm demeanor and is perfect in her role as a Health Nurse. I love working with her.”
“Denise helps keep all of us healthcare heroes well! It is not always an easy job but she handles it with ease! Denise, thank you for watching over all of our staff!”
“In my short tenure, my observation of Denise is (that she is) knowledgeable & conscientious in her care for the hospital staff as well as our community endeavors.”
“Denise has a strong work ethic and a caring nature. She makes sure the hospital is following infection control procedures and keeping our staff and public safe from infectious diseases. She has volunteered for the Flu and COVID shot clinics for several years and is always keeping an eye out for how best to protect us all. She consistently goes above and beyond and is so appreciated.”

Both Employees of the Year received 500 AwardCo points, which can be redeemed for merchandise and/or gift cards, with one point equivalent to $1.
“We are so proud of our entire staff and especially of the Employees of the Year and all those who were nominated and awarded throughout the year as Employees of the Month,” said SCHHC CEO Ray Hino. “We appreciate the work ethic and positive attitude that Chris and Denise bring to their jobs every day. They are what makes Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center the Hospital of Choice for both employees and patients. Congratulations to both of them!”

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