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New Job Listings


SCHHC Staff News

Certified Medical Assistant – Full-Time

Job Title: Certified Medical Assistant – Full-Time
Department: Southern Coos Health Clinic
Schedule: Varies

Medical Laboratory Scientist or Technician – Per Diem

Job Title: Medical Laboratory Scientist OR Medical Laboratory Technician
Department:  Laboratory
Schedule:  Varies

Dietary Cook – Full Time

Job Title: Cook
Department: Dietary
Schedule: Varies

Surgical Nurse – Per Diem

Job Title: Surgical Nurse – Per Diem
Department: Surgery/Nursing
Schedule: Varies

Surgical Services Technologist – Per Diem

Job Title: Surgical Technologist
Department: Surgery/Nursing
Schedule: Varies

Community Health Education

Spinach: Top-Ranked Superfood

Many foods have earned superfood status, which seems to change according to media hype. But spinach has consistently retained its top rank as the superfood to beat all others because it is so dense in nutrients and healthy compounds. Eating spinach daily is linked to lower risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, three of our nation’s greatest chronic diseases. Read More...

Discovering the Ancient Grain, Quinoa

Most people think of grains as carbohydrates, but this ancient grain, quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) is both a carbohydrate and a complete protein. This means the grain contains all 9 essential amino acids we need to build and repair proteins in our body. The Incas fed this ancient grain to their warriors for stamina and long life. It was so sacred, the emperor himself would sow the season’s first seeds. Read More...

Public Meetings at SCHHC

District Board Meeting

The Southern Coos Health District board meeting will be held Thursday, July 26, at 7pm, in the Southern Coos Hospital Conference Room.

Hospital Week 2018: A Great Success!