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Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center Quarterly Art Show

Call to Artists January 2024

Print out an Art Show entry form here: Stormy Weather – SCHHC CTA January 2024


January-March 2024

Featured Artist: Tom Hutton

People are drawn to the power of storms, of nature showing off its strength and unpredictability.

From typhoons, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornados to gentle rains, fog, billowing dark clouds, ice storms and more, we invite you to portray stormy weather using landscapes, seascapes, sky portraits, events, or perhaps internal storms, dreams or emotions.  Stormy weather can be dramatic, exciting, scary or calming.  Works may be realistic or abstract, or impressions / feelings, or a combination.

Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center will host a show of artworks relating to the theme Stormy Weather. This show runs January through March 24, 2024. As usual, you can be creative in your interpretation of the theme, keeping in mind that art on the hospital walls is meant to entertain and de-stress the patients, families, staff, and general visitors.  It is not a venue for nudity, violence, morbidity, or as a political soapbox. Thank you for your continued positive approach to art in these shows.

Artists may enter 1-3 pieces using painting, collage, mixed media, drawing, photography or assemblage in all artistic styles: representational, abstract, impressionistic, or futuristic.  All works must be able to be hung on the wall.

Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center’s Art Program continues to remain free to enter. Please consider donating to the Hospital’s Art Fund if you are able. For more information, please email Amy at

Show Calendar:                    Show runs January, February, March, 2024

Reception:                              Sunday, January 14, 2024, 1-3 p.m. Live music by Jonathan Foster, refreshments. Gift Shop will be open

Delivery of Art:                     Sunday, January 7, 2024, 2-4 p.m.
Bring ready-to-hang art with your paperwork to the lobby of Southern Coos Hospital on Sunday at 2 p.m.or make alternative arrangements with show organizers.

Pick Up Date:                        Sunday, March 24, 2024  (b/c Easter is the 31st) 2-4 p.m.

Artists, please pick up artwork on this date, during the indicated time period. Show organizers will be on site to coordinate pickup. We ask artists to please sign your work out—don’t just take it.

If artists are not able to be present to pick up their work during this time, please make arrangements with the show organizers (see contact information below).   

Location:                                Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center, 900 11th Street SE, Bandon, OR  97411

Entry Fee:                              Fee not required. Donations are welcome to help support continuing shows. Please make checks payable to Southern Coos Hospital Foundation and bring when dropping off your artwork.

Number of Pieces:                 1 -3 pieces per artist, each must be wired and ready to hang or matted and ready to hang.

Artwork Notes:                     Please deliver your artwork with the following information included:

  • A list of your artwork(s) with your name, address, e-mail, title of                                                                               piece, and price. Entry form for this info is below, or available at drop-off.
  • AND, please make sure your name and title of the art is on the back of each piece you submit.
  • If work is not for sale, include a value for insurance purposes please.

Sales Donation:  At this time, the hospital does not charge a commission fee on sold paintings. However, a donation to the Foundation Art Program when there is a sale will help the program to continue.

Other Notes: We reserve the right to refuse submitted artwork due to content, presentation or space. Images may be used for advertising and promotional purposes for this show. Loss of or damage to artwork located in the hospital is at the artist’s expense unless deemed covered by hospital insurance policy less deductible.

The costs of producing and hanging this show are underwritten by Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center—for the benefit of the Bandon and surrounding communities: patients and families, visitors, staff, and the public.

Please contact show organizers with questions: Ava Richey 541-297-6118 or Susan Lehman at 541-347-9888.

By Tom Hutton


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