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March Employees of the Month Announced

BANDON – Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center announces its clinical and non-clinical Employees of the Month for March 2024. Employees of the Month are nominated and voted on by their peers. They receive points on the hospital’s AwardCo platform, which they can redeem for merchandise or gift cards, and also receive a designated parking spot for the month.

Clinical Employee of the Month

Nick Lucas, Emergency Department Nursing Manager:

Nick Lucas has demonstrated all the core values expressed by SCHHC in all that he accomplishs in his role. Even during the worst-case scenario playing out in front of him, Nick finds a way to work through things in a compassionate, respectful and safe way. Recently, I witnessed Nick handle a very difficult situation with grace, understanding and compassion for all parties involved. He focused on finding all necessary facts before jumping to conclusions and passing judgment. Because of his actions, company policies are being improved in order to better protect staff and patients from this type of situation occurring again. Staff around Nick have grown to rely on his professionalism and high level of integrity to handle very hard circumstances that arise in his department daily because they know he can do it correctly. These characteristics foster an atmosphere of teamwork and professionalism. Nick’s approach to his job cultivates a community within the department that maintains patients’ needs and perspectives as the central focus of every teachable moment. Nick deserves to be employee of the month for all of these reasons.

Non-Clinical Employee of the Month

Carrie Okey, Director of Human Resources and Interim Multi-Specialty Clinic Manager:

Carrie Okey works hard to uphold our mission, vision and values. Always striving to see the big picture and figure out what she can do to contribute and help, she carries heavy responsibility with grace. Carrie has been willing to step in and help in ways that come at a personal cost but she cares about the success of SCHHC as a whole and sees beyond the now. Carrie realizes that their extra efforts now will ensure future success and they are willing for what that will take. They are committed to our mission and their role is integral to ensuring it is upheld. This person puts in a lot of time, effort, and care into their work. This person is one of the hardest working people I have ever met and SCHHC is lucky to have them. (Carrie Okey)

Congratulations Nick and Carrie! Thank you for all you do for Southern Coos Hosptial & Health Center!

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