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National Patient Recognition Week

National Patient Recognition Week is observed annually from February 1 to 7 to promote the culture of emphasizing patient satisfaction.

The holiday is about patient involvement as paramount. It serves as a reminder to professionals in the healthcare field to recommit to the pledge of human-centered and superior healthcare service delivery.

We at Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center are committed to providing quality healthcare with a personal touch. What does that mean? It means excellent patient care comes first and foremost.

You are the reason we exist and we thank you for your patronage and loyalty as we continually strive to be the Hospital of Choice on Oregon’s South Coast.


National Patient Recognition Week, held in the first seven days of February, is about promoting the culture of emphasizing patient satisfaction. It serves as the day professionals in the healthcare field recommit to the pledge of superior healthcare service delivery.

The holiday serves as an opportunity for healthcare service providers to find ways to better care for their patients and attend to some of the most common complaints around healthcare service delivery in the U.S., including noisy nurses stations that can sometimes interfere with sleep, loss of personal belongings and more.

Patient Recognition Week is a time for healthcare service providers to “seriously reflect on their stewardship of patient care and their dedication to patient satisfaction.”

In modern times, healthcare in the United States is having a torrid time in contrast to the healthcare industry of other developed countries. This makes National Patient Recognition Week even more important.

In 2014, the World Health Organization’s survey revealed that the United States has the highest per capita healthcare expenses of any first-world country. And, the National Institutes of Health’s 2016 research also noted that the U.S. has the highest prevalence of obesity, car accidents, infant mortality, heart and lung disease, sexually transmitted infections, adolescent pregnancies, injuries, and homicides among the 17 high-income countries surveyed.


It reinforces confidence in the healthcare system
National Patient Recognition Week is important in reinforcing patients’ confidence in the healthcare service sector. The week aims to encourage increased sensitivity and impact on patient care by all healthcare practitioners in the country.

It recommits doctors to better service delivery
It is not uncommon for doctors and other healthcare service professionals to face burnout and even lose interest in delivering top-notch service after attending to an ever-increasing number of patients daily. National Patient Recognition Week helps healthcare service professionals refocus their interest and attention on the patients with the ultimate goal of improving their overall experience.

It promotes understanding of patients’ health history
One of the premises for the week is to promote the culture of emphasizing patient satisfaction through empathy. The week is meant to serve as the time when professionals in healthcare commit greater attention to patients and deliver exceptional service.

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