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Company Profile

The mission of Southern Coos Health District is to provide quality healthcare with a personal touch.

The Mission is affected and guided by the Vision, Philosophy, and Values which have been approved by the District’s Board and which guide our approach to providing services. The Vision of the District is to become both the employer and provider of choice in Southwestern Oregon. Our Philosophy is simple and straightforward – patients, families, visitors, and co-workers come first. Our Values stipulate that we serve others with genuine respect, compassionate caring, and passionate execution of our roles and responsibilities.

In meeting its Mission, the District is committed to continuous improvement in the quality of its services and the health of District residents through:

  • innovative and effective programs and services designed to meet the fiscally reasonable health care needs and wants of the health care consumer
  • a staff of competent, caring and compassionate professionals
  • comfortable, convenient facilities with technologically appropriate medical equipment
  • access to programs and services for individuals with disease and illness
  • a productive work environment that expects excellence and promotes healing

Throughout the process of effecting this Mission, decisions shall be guided by the policy of allocating resources to achieve the greatest public benefit at the most reasonable cost.

In recognizing illness as an intensely personal human experience, the District strives to create a safe and healing environment that supports, nurtures and comforts those in our care.

We believe in each person’s right to make health care choices that are appropriate for themselves.  We honor those personal choices and support our patients and their loved ones in a non-judgmental manner.

Those for whom we care shall be treated with the utmost dignity and respect at all times during the healing process.

Privacy and confidentiality will be maintained throughout the environment of care.

All people will be treated in a kind, caring and compassionate manner regardless of mental or physical capacities.

That is the hallmark of our work at Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center; a small, rural hospital owned and operated by the Southern Coos Health District and located in Bandon, Oregon. Currently licensed for 21 beds, the hospital was granted Critical Access Hospital status in November of 2000 while maintaining its designation as a full-service, general acute hospital.

The Southern Coos Health District is a municipal corporation organized under Oregon Statute and was originally formed in 1955 by public vote. The District has provided hospital services as a part of its healthcare offerings since 1960. The current hospital was constructed in 1999 and opened its doors for service in December of that year. Since that time, service volumes have grown tremendously. The hospital nursing services include a four-station emergency department, surgical services, endoscopic services, an outpatient department, and a swing-bed program. These are supported by a full-service laboratory; a respiratory therapy department; medical imaging services including CT, ultrasound, general radiography and a certified mammography program. Rehabilitation services are contracted. Together, these programs provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic programs which are not always found in similar hospitals.

The hospital serves Southern Coos County and Northern Curry County. This primary service area is populated by about 10,000 residents who increasingly look to Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center for their healthcare. The local community presently has three primary physician practices. The hospital augments these practices through Outpatient Services, Inpatient Care, and a specialty clinic located adjacent to the hospital.