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Welcome to the Southern Coos Outpatient Clinic


Wound Care

Our staff develops comprehensive management plans for individual patients

Instrumental debridement

Cauterization of hypertrophic tissue

Differential assessment and management of lower extremity wounds

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education Available On Demand

Monthly Support Group in Coquille

Percutaneous Tube Management

Development and implementation of facility-wide program to minimize complications related to percutaneous tubes

Consultation related to management of tube-related complications

Ostomy Management

Our Outpatient Clinic Staff offers:

Establishment of effective pouching system 

Instruction in self-care and lifestyle issues 

Supportive counseling and rehabilitative care 

Management of periostomal complications 

Fistula Management

Establishment of effective containment system

Protection of peri-fistular skin

NPWT therapy when ordered