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Medical Imaging @ Southern Coos

The Medical Imaging Department at Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center provides a wide range of capabilities for the needs of our community.

Announcing new Pristina Mammography, setting the standard in mammogram screening comfort and reliability.

X-Ray hours:
Regular hours are from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm with around-the-clock staffing for emergency care.

Key Benefits
– Certified Technologists on site
– State-of-the-Art MDCT (Multi-Detector Computerized Tomography); CT Angiography (brain, chest, abdominal, and peripheral vascular studies)
– ACR / FDA Approved Facility for Mammography
– Supported by Nighthawk Radiologists/Virtual Radiologists for immediate preliminary readings

Philip J. Keizer Jr., M.D.
Jeremy Orcutt, D.O.
Stephen Quinn, M.D.

The Medical Imaging Department is able to provide a wide variety of diagnostic treatments,
including the following:

– Vascular studies including Carotids, abdominal and small parts, arterial and venous.

X-Ray & Fluoroscopic Studies


Dr. Philip Keizer, Jr., staff Interventional Radiologist, offers imaging-guided, minimally invasive percutaneous (needle) biopsies and drainages. This technique, which is less invasive than traditional surgical methods, can be used for biopsies of the liver and lung, kidney, thyroid, adrenal gland, pancreas, bone, breast and additional soft tissue masses. This image-guided technique would also be available for draining abdominal and other abscesses.

Patients will receive:
• A less invasive diagnostic alternative to surgery.
• More convenience for themselves and their families with service closer to home for those on the south coast.
• More timely and accurate diagnoses.

If you are advised by your physician that you need a biopsy, ask about referral for the image-guided needle procedure available in Bandon. Appointments can be made by the care provider calling the Medical Imaging Department at Southern Coos Hospital in Bandon, 541 347-2426, ext. 258.

Computed Tomography

Philips Brilliance 16-slice
State-of-the-art, CT Angiography, C.T.A.; QCT 3000 bone mineral density testing