Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center is staffed and equipped to take care of you in the event that you need emergency care.

Key Benefits
* 24 hour physician coverage
* A dedicated Treatment & Procedure Room
* The ability to care for all clients from newborns to elderly.

* 24 hour Emergency Care.
This service affords our community a convenient, local resource for immediate urgent care and the ability to treat your emergency care needs. Our emergency room is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and is staffed with the professional care which you deserve.

Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center works with Emanuel Burn Center in Portland for consultation on any burn patient who presents at the emergency department. Physicians in the emergency room take digital pictures of the wound and transmit them through a secure patient portal to Emanuel Burn Center. There, specialists review the pictures and talk with the physician in Bandon to decide the best course of treatment for the patient – whether he or she will remain at Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center or be transferred to Emanuel. The partnership also provides information on the latest kinds of treatments for burns.

Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center is connected to Around-the-Clock Stroke Team Consultation with the Providence Brain Institute in Portland and the Neurology Department at Sacred Heart Riverbend. Once a patient presents stroke-like symptoms, the physician in Bandon can call and confer with a neurologist. Together, the physicians can decide on the best care for the patient. If a patient meets criteria, after a stroke or heart attack, they can be thrombilized at Southern Coos Hospital which could save a life and decrease damage. Southern Coos Hospital does not have specialized stabilization capabilities beyond our ED physician staffing.

* Professional Emergency Transport Service
Local Emergency Transport Services are trained and equipped to promptly transport you to our hospital and/or the facility that is most appropriate for your emergency care.